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     Nantong ZhongYu pet products co., LTD. (formerly nantong large and medium-sized technology products co., LTD.) was established in August 10, 2007, the registered capital is 500000 yuan RMB. The company address: jiangsu nantong RuDongXian double survey town bridge south road no. 7. The main business projects: pet toys, pet clothing production and sales; Pet products sales. The company growing in size, begin to engage in the textile industry, mainly produces cloth and home textile.

     The company covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, the production area of more than 2500 square meters, there are more than 100 employees, the company specializing in the production of pet toys, pet beds, pet clothing, home textile export to Europe and America, Australia, southeast Asia and other regions. Our company focus on product development, design, product number from the dozens of growth to hundreds of now. The company many times to participate in international exhibition, products with novel and fashionable design, beautiful modelling, rich color, practical environmental protection characteristic and adapted to the southeast Asia and the western market demand, and constantly to win a large number of overseas export orders.

     In recent years, under the influence of the financial crisis, China's pet supplies a serious decline in exports. Large pet products export enterprises suffer from serious impact, some small and medium-sized enterprise for export to bear the fierce market impact, or because of no profit to withdraw from the market. With a good reputation and a higher level of service, the enterprise not only keep the export market, but also to expand the market share. In the fierce competition in the market of survival, and development, export enterprises must strengthen the consciousness of creating the independent brand. The enterprise makes the brand is not only the product brand and service brand. The enterprise in the trade management, product quality control and service level the advantages of the foreign customers have got recognition, make the enterprise can stable and sustainable development. As the market continues to expand, the enterprise decision will be easy to production and processing, easy to master operation process product outward processing, and adopt international is popular "shunt type management" dispersion processing. Especially the society seeks to have actual strength, credibility and with cheap labor units, family or personal processing cooperation.

     The main export market quality safety regulations and technical standards strictly, raw material prices, making the enterprise export cost increasing, in order to seek better export price, the enterprise must continue to expand sales market. Therefore, since 2009, the enterprise also joined the ranks of the sales network. We in the alibaba website for export through member, after a period of training, we started on the Internet looking for all over the world the wholesalers, retailers and consumer groups, customer base is the magnified indefinitely. In the network marketing in the era of the enterprises to speed up the product structure and the adjustment of marketing mode, but also open up an online order processing workshop. Cater to the market consumption demand, innovation marketing ideas, make the enterprise development to regain vitality.

     After years of study and practice, and gradually formed a unique cultural system of the enterprise. Surface material culture is the company let company appearance, shallow behavior culture is the production and business operation, the system of the middle organization rules, culture is the deep spiritual culture is the values and spirit of enterprise. Enterprise culture not only summarizes our work, and at the same time to review our life, a distinct personality and characteristics. So the enterprise culture not only our philosophy, and is also our human guide to action. Learning enterprise culture, be helpful for us to mutual communication, to improve our comprehensive quality, fully mobilize everybody's enthusiasm and creativity. Let us work in happy growth, realize the goal of enterprise and realize self value.

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